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Chapter 2

Catching up is also hard to do

In order for augmented reality (AR) glasses to replace the smartphone, they will need hardware to be smaller and more powerful. Nreal Air AR glasses weigh 79g. [10] The average pair of sunglasses weigh 20-100g. [11] So the Nreal Air AR glasses fit the criteria.

Compare that to the 532g (about 1.17 pounds) that the Meta Quest 2 weighs and you can see why the industry is leaning towards AR glasses. [12] AR glasses like Snap’s Snaptacles and Ray-Ban Stories proved that cameras are small enough to fit on a pair of glasses without making them too heavy. But storage, processing power, the battery, and other sensors still have to catch up. As with our smartphones, AR glasses will need to last all day on a single charge. They’ll need to be able to store photos and videos as well as process and display 3D objects.

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The Basics of Hardware

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