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Chapter 2

The Future is Clear with the Right Hardware

All these hardware requirements may make it seem like we’ll never get the AR glasses that Kathryn, and others throughout these chapters, use in their daily lives. Rest assured, they will come.

Immersive technology has been years in the making. Palmer Luckey, the original creator of Oculus VR, had the right mindset. He was also in the right place at the right time when the hardware became available for him to create working VR. Very recently Palmer himself told Peter Diamandis that he had tried an early prototype of Apple’s headset and that it was excellent and “is so good.” [15]

While many are excited about the possible release of Apple AR glasses, others are taking a wait-and-see approach. After all, Apple AR glasses have been hyped to be released a number of times over the years, but nothing happened.

Would we rather see Apple AR glasses rolled out prematurely or Apple AR glasses that have all the necessary hardware to make them right? Ten years from now, we’ll look back at today’s hardware as the precursor of the fully functional AR glasses of our future.

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