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Chapter 3

AI as a personal assistant

This is something that all of us have wanted… a personal assistant who can help us through the chores and difficulties of daily life. Nora wanted help as a novice gardener to impress her dad. She wanted to show him that she could handle gardening, life, and motherhood. Cherry was her lifeline in all of this.

Of course, these AI glasses are a step up from those that are simply AR. Augmented reality glasses without artificial intelligence are like computers without the internet. They’re fun, but limited. Try to imagine Tony Stark’s Iron Man helmet without JARVIS.

Snap released a personal AI chatbot. The chatbot isn’t a faceless algorithm behind a chat wall; it’s displayed in the style of a Snap avatar. Snapchat “encourages users to customize their “My AI” to make the chatbot feel more like a friend.” [16] My AI is there for you to “recommend birthday gift ideas for your BFF, plan a hiking trip for a long weekend, suggest a recipe for dinner, or even write a haiku about cheese for your cheddar-obsessed pal.” [17] For many reasons, it is important to have an AI friend when you need someone to talk to or when you want to have some fun.

Right now, we use AI - especially all the new generative AI tools like ChatGPT– to create. We use it as a way to make pictures, do what we don’t want to do in our jobs, or act as a personal assistant. But AI, at least Snapchat’s AI, doesn’t see itself that way. It wants to be your friend and have fun. If your AI had a virtual, 3D body, the answer might very well be that it would go on adventures and explore new places!

When AI evolves into our glasses, it will become more than our personal assistant registering the world around us. AI will transform into a personification, one that will remain friendly. After all, AI isn’t human. It’s built by humans and will reflect human values…but in many ways, it will be more constant than personal contact. It won’t limit us to having friendly contact only on days off or availability. It will always be there for you.

What’s an Apple Headset without Siri?

You most likely know Siri. She’s the AI that lives on Apple devices. But she’s not known to be the best AI assistant compared to “Hey Google” and Amazon’s Alexa. Siri uses machine learning, whereas ChatGPT is a generative large language model AI. However, queue Siri’s training montage because it looks like Siri is getting upgraded with natural language learning features. [18] This language model version of Siri is being tested for Apple’s tvOS 16.4 beta but it seems only natural that an updated Siri should make its way onto an Apple headset in order to fulfill the vision Apple has to differentiate its headset from the competition.

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