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Chapter 8

Avoiding a Data Privacy Nightmare

It’s easy to fear the future of AR glasses when we realize what tech companies, cybercriminals, and governments know about us through our devices. Privacy laws and data rights seem slow to catch up to our quickly evolving world of technology. Adding AR glasses to the mix is another mountain of data to worry about.

Today, VR headsets map our spaces to make sure we don’t run into walls, but who else can see the mapped objects of our homes? What happens when that mapping and recording become the daily lives we see through AR glasses? What rights do people have who don’t want to be seen with AR glasses? It might be like Amazon Alexa, which is always listening for you to say its name…you will potentially be recognized even when you don’t want to be seen with AR.

It’s going to take extensive cooperation from many different people in all different industries to create a protected society where AI/AR glasses and connected devices exist. As one LinkedIn commenter wrote, “The only worry is that we keep up the correct checks and balances within our society and political system to ensure safety with each new leap in this process.” [50]

Privacy Lost was developed by Minderoo Pictures, the Responsible Metaverse Alliance, and the XR Guild, It is a short film about the augmented future and the possible dangers headed our way.

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