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Chapter 8

Shaping a Positive Future with AR Glasses

We shouldn’t fear the future. After all, we have the power to shape it. We’ve learned a lot from Web 2.0 and social media. We’ve seen how technology is used in ways we might not agree with. But we don’t have to give up. We can hold the technology companies to different standards - ones that benefit our lives, not take from them.

Interestingly, when we reviewed the final chapters in this guidebook with our original focus group, the opinions changed. Participants went from hating the idea of AR glasses to being thoroughly engaged. With more information on what AR can do for them, they were feeling positive about this new technology.

With understanding comes acceptance. None of us want our AR glasses to mine our data to feed a corporate AI. We don’t want our AR glasses spying on our daily lives and recording the inner workings of our homes. Businesses that use AI will want to keep their information and visuals proprietary so that the competitor who uses the same AR AI-enabled glasses won’t steal it. We don’t want AI to give the same advice to all companies in an industry. We still have to think for ourselves.

Ultimately, it will be our own creative ideas, thoughts, and innovative solutions that will push AR glasses technology forward. And we are the ones evolving the tech. That means it will be up to us to iterate on virtual reality and MR headsets to make AR glasses that not only look cool but also work for everyone in our lives.

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