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XR Glossary

AR Cloud
The AR cloud allows a persistent digital twin of the physical world.

Geopose is when augmented reality is defined relative to a geological reference point. Geopose and localization work together to anchor AR objects in a physical environment.

Localization is used to view AR at a specific physical spot without any special markers.

NED (Near Eye Displays)
Near eye displays are the hardware that converts light on one’s pupil to show an image on the retina.

A nit is a unit of measurement that refers to the amount of light that is emitted from a surface or object.

Occlusion is the ability to cover a virtual, augmented object with a physical one. It is what lets AR go behind a physical object.

Open XR
Open XR is an initiative created by Khronos Group for a royal-free, open XR ecosystem.

Waveguides are thin pieces of glass or plastic inside headsets like Microsoft Hololens and MagicLeap devices. Waveguides help bend and combine light into your eye.

XR stands for extended reality. It’s what people use when a device doesn’t solidly fit on the VR or AR side of the spectrum. XR refers to the layers of VR, AR, and everything in between.

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