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Introduction Reference

Clement, J. (n.d.). Global: video games number of users 2017-2027. Statista.

  • https://www.statista.com/statistics/748044/number-video-gamers-world/
  • Summary: This Statista report provides data on the global number of video gamers. It states that the number of gamers worldwide has been steadily increasing over the years and reached around 3.24 billion in 2020.

Hiner, J. (2023, May 27). Will Apple's Reality Pro signal the beginning of the immersive internet? ZDNET.

  • https://www.zdnet.com/article/will-apples-reality-pro-signal-the-beginning-of-the-immersive-internet/
  • Summary: This article from ZDNet explores the potential impact of Apple's rumored "Reality Pro" headset on the future of the internet and digital experiences. It speculates on how the immersive capabilities of the headset could pave the way for the "Immersive Internet," a new era of interactive and immersive online experiences.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey positive about Apple's headset. (2023, May 14). AppleInsider.

  • https://appleinsider.com/articles/23/05/14/oculus-founder-says-apples-headset-is-so-good
  • Summary: The article discusses Luckey's remarks and speculates on the possible features and capabilities of Apple's headset, including its potential impact on the virtual reality (VR) industry. It also highlights the competition between Apple and other tech giants in the race to develop and release high-quality AR and VR devices.

The Gaming Industry Is Now Bigger Than Movies And Music.. Combined. (2022, February 14). thc-pod.com.

  • https://www.thc-pod.com/episode/the-gaming-industry-is-now-bigger-than-movies-and-music-combined
  • Summary: In this episode of THC Podcast, the hosts discuss the significant growth of the gaming industry, which has surpassed the combined revenue of movies and music. They explore the various factors contributing to this achievement, such as the rise of mobile gaming, eSports, and digital distribution platforms. The episode highlights the cultural impact of gaming and the evolving perception of gaming as a legitimate form of entertainment. It also touches on the potential challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the industry, including the integration of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.
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